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God Songs- Jonny Lang “Only a Man”

Another of my favorite God songs which falls under the category well I’m not sure what category. I don’t know if Jonny Lang is a Christian artist or a Christian who is also a blues musician. I’m not sure if it makes a difference. Jonny Lang was into drugs and alcohol and wasn’t into Jesus, but his life turned around as he was touched by the Lord. It has been around for a while but “Turn Around” by Jonny Lang is a great disc. Even if you are not that into the blues the lyrics and vocals are strong and touching. I feel “Turn Around” is a necessary addition to your God Songs.

My favorite God song from the album is “Only a Man” Here is a you tube video someone put together that features the song it’s put together pretty nice.

When I’m feeling down and my world seems completely out of my control I pop this cd in and realize most of it is out of my control. This God song helps me deal with problems head on reminding me that as long as I walk with Lord I can overcome life’s obstacles.

I feel sometimes people don’t give God songs a chance if they are not labeled Christian music. Sometimes those feelings and labels rob people of an opportunity to hear some really good music.

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