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God Songs – Some of my favorites

What makes great God songs?  When someone thinks of God songs what comes to mind?  Many things come to my mind, from singing “How Great Thou Art” with the congregation, to popping in an Elvis Presley gospel CD, or listening to Tbone or Thousand Foot Krutch. Can God music come from a secular artist? I say why not, if someone has faith and professes it in song why does it matter what record label they are with?

God songs have provided a great way for me to connect with God on so many levels. When I am joyous and want to praise there are songs for that. When I am feeling down and sad there are God songs for that. At those times when I feel my faith is weak and sometimes question things there are God songs for that.

“How Great Thou Art” is one of my favorite hymns as a child I lost a number of people in my life. I can remember the comfort that this hymn provided for me when I pondered the lyrics. Just the power and awesomeness of God, and now the person I loved had gone to be with him. Tennessee Ernie Ford does a very good version, but the power of a church full of believers singing it together is just awesome. The chills the fellowship, there is just something healing and empowering about it.

A God song that inspires me quite a bit is “I Can Only Imagine.” MercyMe   somehow hits on how profound it might be on the day when we come to meet our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. This is one of those God songs that has a positive effect on me whether I am feeling good or bad.

One more song I would like to mention today is from the movie “The Fighting Temptations” a movie that I thought was excellent. In the movie there is a version of “Down by the River” done by the O’jays, Montell Jordan, Zane and Tbone. This God song features a great mix of traditional hymn as well as newer hip hop elements. If you haven’t heard it you should definitely check it out.

These are just a few of the God Songs I felt like talking about today. I hope to talk about more God songs and Christian music, both new and old, in the future. Feel free to comment about your favorite songs that should be included here.

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