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God Songs- T-Bone Christian Rap at it’s Best

The Christian artist I’d like to talk about today is T-bone. I first heard his versions of God songs on “The Fighting Temptations” a great movie that featured a variety of God songs by Mary Mary the Blind Boys of Alabama and more. I know I’ve mentioned this movie more than once, but I really liked it.
Tbone is said to have started rapping at the age of 7. His life was touched by Christ and he has been delivering his message for many years without losing sight of his mission. T-bone has been able to deliver the message to many that would not have heard it otherwise, by delivering God songs to the youth in a way that is not very often heard. T-bone is not the only, or the first, Christian rapper by any means he is however in mine and many others opinion the best.
Tbone was nominated for Grammies 3 times, winner of several Dove awards starred in several feature movies. This kind of fame has spoiled many a great man. T-bone continues to deliver his message. He has never sold out for the fortune he could have made by making gangster songs instead of God songs.
From the God song “Demon Killa” By T-bone “Boney-bone Corleone back up in your face Man Ephesians 4:29 says ‘Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth, but that which is good for the use of edifying that it may minister grace unto the hearers’” This quote from the scriptures seems to some up what guides T-bone in his songwriting. Only God knows how many souls his God songs have touched.
T-bone is a Christian rapper who could easily make it big in the mainstream. He is a true talent. This was proven even more so when legend KRS-One appeared on the album and song Gospelalphamegafunkyboogiediscomusic after T-bone guested on his album Spiritual Minded. From Krs-One to Kirk Franklin from Mack10 to Montell Jordan Tbone has collaborated with some genuine legends on some great God songs. If you are not a fan of rap don’t let that keep you away my mom is even a fan of Tbone.

On an ending note Go Steelers it’s been a bit scary so far this season. Thank God Troy is back another God fearing man who has a positive effect on this world. Troy and Tbone are actually two of the people I would like to meet in person, Jesus of course being number one. So as I throw a Tbone disc on the changer and celebrate another Steeler close call victory listening to some good God songs I’ll stop rambling and say God Bless.


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