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God Songs – Which Kutless Songs are the Best?

My disc collection includes more than God songs. I listen to just about everything. I just find my mood is better when I listen to songs that glorify god. It’s much easier with the quality of Christian music today. Kutless is a Christian band that is really good.

I first heard Kutless on a Tooth and Nail compilation album. It was a great album that had Skillet Toby Mac and a bunch of others. I can’t remember the name of it right now I’ll post about it later. It’s the disc that got me back into Christian music. One song that really stood out was “Your Touch” by Kutless. This was their first single and is still a great God song. I think “Your Touch” is one of the best Kutless songs.

Kutless is a Christian band from Portland, Oregon. Formed in 2000 they released the self titled “Kutless” in 2002. Kutless has released albums just about every year since. There have been quite a few personnel changes over the years, but Kutless continues to produce God songs with a good sound. The latest worship album “It is Well” is pretty good. It’s a bit more mellow than I prefer. “It is Well” is a Kutless disc worth having, for when you’re in the mood for more mellow laid back worship songs.

Anymore when I buy new CD’s I try to find Christian songs that have a sound I’m into. Not all God songs are created equal, but I’ve had good luck lately. Kutless, TFK, and Skillet they are all on my playlist and I think it really helps my mood to listen to some of the top Christian music. I must admit I am still sometimes surprised at the quality of the God songs that these Christian rock band release.

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