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God Songs: TobyMac Songs Can’t Forget Them

If I’m going to talk about God songs I better not fail to mention Toby Mac. Toby Mac is an innovator in the Christian music scene. The God songs he performs have an energy that very few can match up to. From the days of DC Talk which started with a hip hop sound that later evolved into a rockin guitar driven Christian rock sound to today’s sound. Toby Mac sound has continued to change and evolve into something that has a great sound.

Toby Mac was born Kevin Michael McKeehan in 1964 in Virginia. Toby Mac is an award winning singer producer and song writer. Many know TobyMac from DC Talk originally. He has also lead an impressive solo career that produced some excellent God songs. TMac also has been married since 1994 and is the proud father of five children.

Toby Mac is an award winning performer that has enjoyed much success both with DC Talk and in his solo career. He is also the president of a record label Gotee Records. Toby Mac has even authored a couple of books as well as various popular God songs.

You know when I write these posts I feel the need to put some background information (not sure if it is necessary) then I ramble and this and that. The truth is I talk about Christian music artists and the God songs they perform because I like the way they sound. TobyMac is an excellent performer. The God songs he releases whether solo or the stuff he did with DC Talk for a decade have all been great. If you don’t have TobyMac discs in your collection of God songs you probably should. If you don’t have them all you should think about getting them.

A couple of the Toby Mac songs that I really like are “Lose My Soul” with Kirk Franklin from the album “Portable Sounds” I know it’s one his slower ones, but it really is pretty touching and kind of makes me think. Another one of the God songs I like is the Kirk Franklin song that features TobyMac “I Am God” that is a jam I really dig. “Phenomenon” is a pretty good tune.” I’m not even sure what all TobyMac God songs I like. I definitely think there is more good than anything.

The album “Tonight” is scheduled for release in February. The first time I heard “City On Our Knees” (the first single from “Tonight”) I wasn’t sure about it I mean the lyrics are great I just wasn’t completely sure about the music. So I listened to it a couple more times, and I really like it. It wasn’t what I expected at first but it really grows on you. I heard “Showstopper” and “Funky Jesus Music” on YouTube and these are some good God songs. I look forward to TobyMac’s new album “Tonight” he’s even doing a tour with Skillet to promote that I hope to make it to.

TobyMac does great God songs and has for years getting the message out through his Christian songs. I’m not sure if you would call him Christian rock, Christian Rap, Christian hip hop or something else. I call him an entertaining and talented musician that does Christian music that you should check out if you haven’t.

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