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Israel Houghton Songs About God

If I’m going to talk about God songs and Christian songs I should definitely talk about Israel Houghton. I was reading Joel Osteen’s “It’s Your Time” there was a great story about Israel apparently he was nearly aborted as a child by a mother who almost had no other choice. This interview at CBN talks about it. It is amazing that that brave decision by a woman who was in a pretty desperate situation led to the legendary music that praises God in such a great way still today.

Israel’s songs about God have a certain greatness about them. I checked out “Love God. Love People.” and it is really a good album full of great God Songs. If you have not heard any of Israel Houghton’s stuff this album is a good one to check out. Find it here:

I realize I have been pretty lax at updating God Songs Blog lately that is going to change. I should be adding a bunch more about my favorite Christian songs soon.

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