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Christian Rap

Christian rap is one of my favorite types of Christian Songs. The God songs created by these guys serve a great purpose of delivering Gods message to an area that many people do not focus on. TBone Tobymac and many more.

I realize note everyone is a fan of rap, especially Christian rap. I am here to say that you should give it a chance. My mom is going to be 59 this year and ever since “The Fighting Temptations” (great movie by the way) she has been a die hard Tbone fan.

If you are a fan of rap you also may be thinking what do I want with God songs and Christian rap. I’m telling you at least check it out. There are some really talented people doing this stuff.

Take a chance on some Christian rap and you will not be disappointed. This comes from a guy who formerly did not like Christian music. I also was a big fan of Wu NWA, anything Master P and them guys did and much more. Biggie Pac you name it. There are still some posers in the ranks of Christian rap, but I’m tellin ya some of this stuff is nice.

I’ll post some of my favorites here, check them out and you be the judge.